Over the years, along with improvement in quality, more and more emphasis is being put on efficiency. People aim to achieve maximum utilization of resources with minimum wastage. The same applies to the utilization of space, especially in residential areas. In most apartments and condominiums, preferred by students and young professionals alike, space is at a premium.

In today’s competitive real estate market, there is an acute paucity of space. People are unwilling to part with their belongings when they shift to a new property. The onus is on real estate agents and property developers to ensure that their properties provide clients adequate space and storage without compromising on comfort and functionality.

Mentioned below are a few methods to ensure efficient and productive utilization of space in apartments and other residential buildings.


Look up: – In apartments, a lot of space above appliances and cupboards goes unutilized, leading to crowding and shortage of space in other areas. Purchase shelves and cupboards that reach the ceiling and make sure that not an even inch goes unused. Wall mounted shelves are also an option, as they eliminate the need for separate cupboards and shelves which consume a lot of space. They free up this space for other items. If you are a gardening enthusiast, opt for vertical gardens in your terraces and balconies. Doing so frees up space for keeping furniture there while maintaining aesthetics.

Sleep a little higher: – Raise your beds and ensure adequate storage space underneath it. Replace the monster under your bed with all the memorabilia from your past that you are reluctant to throw away. Cover these boxes with sheets to prevent dust accumulation on your favorite photo albums and CDs. You can also buy bins that are produced primarily for storage under beds.

Opt for versatile appliances: – When shopping for your apartment, but items that can be used for multiple purposes. This allows you a lot more space in your apartment to be creative and make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. For e.g. instead of using your dining table just for meals, enhance its value to space ratio by using it as a makeshift workspace. Opt for wall mounted TVs. They look classy, and also allow you to use the table normally used to mount the TV to store books, CDs or as a showcase rack.


The landmark decision of the SC to protect online freedom of speech

A landmark judgment delivered by the Supreme Court of India for protecting the online freedom of speech grasps the attention of Internet users all through the nation.  The apex court scrapped the Section 66A of the IT Act controversial law that termed as the maximum infringement of freedom of speech.  Vague in its entirety the court stated about it was completely encroaching upon the rights of public to know.

Shreya Singhal, a law student challenged this law in the court following the arrest of women in 2012 who allegedly posted some comments in opposition to the total shutdown in Mumbai because a well-known Shiva sena leader the late Bal Thackeray.

The legal battle in this genre was strengthened further by Common Cause NGO and a famous writer in Bangladesh namely Taslima Nasreen against the Section 66A in the IT Act. Nobody in the world likes to put something when they get fear of going to the prison. Even though many laws are specially designed to govern the Internet in recent years, there are many problems mainly caused by outdated laws.

online freedom of speech

If anyone sends offensive content online and content with a menacing character or false information with an aim to ruin the peaceful life of residents, then he or she will be punished with imprisonment up to three years.  This kind of very unfavourable element in the Indian Constitution nowadays discourages many people share their ideas and reveal their opinions online.  This Section 66A of the IT Act has changed and opened the doors for Internet users with a desire to share their positive and negative opinions about any subject not against the nation or national elements.

Many political leaders all through the nation these days easily misuse outdated laws and escape from the punishment for their crimes. If this updated law is perfectly followed throughout the nation hereafter, then political leaders and community leaders cannot target their opponents as well as dissidence.  A profession was arrested by West Bengal police due to posting a cartoon of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Every Internet user nowadays expects something special and comfortable elements accessible and usable on the go. Once they have begun using positive aspects of the Internet and avoiding possibilities of posting unfavourable content against the humanity, they can get the best protection by the law. They will be happy to use Internet and make positive changes in their personal as well as professional life.

Unbiased reviews about the most popular cars on the market

Many people nowadays fall in love with the hottest models of cars manufactured by the most reputable companies worldwide. They are willing to prefer and invest in the most suitable car after a complete analysis of its features and a comprehensive comparison of top cars recommended by specialists in this competitive sector. It is the right time to read honest reviews of the most recommended cars one after another and discuss with specialists in this leading sector to find out an ideal car.

Top 10 popular cars on the market in our time are Seat Ateca, Nissan Qashqai, Toyoto C-HR, Skoda Kodiaq, Skoda Fabia, Peugeot 3008, Skoda Octavia, Audi S3 Sportback, BMW X1 and Volkswagen Tiguan.  You may be a beginner to the car online comparison and shopping at this time. You can take note of the most recent and unbiased online reviews about the most popular cars in detail. You will get an overview about how to narrow down cars and make an informed decision for investing in the best suitable car.

popular cars

The Seat Ateca manufactured by the number one Spanish brand does not fail to grasp the attention of those who like to choose and buy a car within the budget devoid of compromising expectations on cars. The overall mechanisms in this affordable car are similar mostly to the very expensive Volkswagen Tiguan. Practical features enhance the overall convenience of all people who drive this car.

Masses of a rear seat space as well as a large boot make drivers and travellers in this care more contented than ever. You can prefer this four wheel drive Ateca when you wish to make your imaginations about the car ownership and driving come true.   You will become one of the owners of this car model and be confident to suggest it for likeminded people in your network.

You may have decided to buy a brand new hybrid version of the funky SUV. You can read the latest reviews about the Toyoto C-HR and focus on the deal for this vehicle online. You will get the absolute guidance and make a good decision for properly buying an ideal automobile. The regular 1.2 litre model is suggested by many specialists in the automobile sector in recent times. This is mainly because this model of the automobile soaks up bumps and makes its users happy about the maximum efficiency all through its lifetime.

Why offline shopping is still the best option in this world of digitization?

In this world of digitization, online shopping is what everyone is after. But the fact is that people still prefer offline shopping and the percentage of preference is overwhelmingly more than double than those opting for online shopping. Here are the reasons why offline shopping is still the best option by far.

See and Feel

See and Feel – On a survey conducted by Google, people said that they like to see and feel an item especially dresses before buying it. Since online shopping is all about just seeing the images and sometimes those images are morphed, the actual seeing never happens. There are higher chances of fooling people with high-quality images. The color varies widely.

Return Hazards – In offline shopping one gets exactly what they see while in online shopping, they do not know what they will get and there are chances of returning the item and asking for a refund. The process kills the thrill of getting a new item, and it becomes a headache. Therefore, offline shopping is still the best option by far because you can go and return your product and pick up new things instead of that.

Personalized Attention – Probably the best part of offline shopping is getting personalized attention for representatives. They will help you choose items and recommend you products which are highly important inputs that are not available during online shopping.

Shopping Is Fun – Offline shopping is fun in a real sense. Females can get a break from the mundane lifestyle and enjoy their own time shopping in a group. Furthermore, with shopping, they can have a eat out in nearby places.

Greater Discount – This is a fact that some of the items sell at a cheaper rate offline than those selling online. Even when you apply a coupon code or get a huge discount, the prices still remain high. Given the fact that online shopping is all about coupons and discount, offline stores have started to give more discounts to attract more customers.

Getting Item Instantly

Getting Item Instantly – Some people want their items to reach home immediately and hence, offline shopping is the only way out. It could be due to an urgent requirement as well as for reserved psychology. That is why people always like to buy electronic gadget offline and bring it home with them. When you buy heavy items online, long distance shipping could damage the item.

Money Transactions– Some people feel that online transactions are not safe and due to news of hacking the credit card details are always on the channels, people who have quite a lot of money in their account opt to go for offline shopping and pay by cash.


The realm of business and economics has undergone a sea change in recent years. Conventional avenues of employment have been affected by recent developments in technology, mostly in communication technology. In severe cases, they have even been rendered obsolete. Being successful in this cutthroat market requires constant reinvention and innovation.


In recent years, the business sphere has been dominated by multinationals with several thousand employees working like programmed drones, burning their midnight oil and petering out a droll existence. They mint money for someone else, with a life devoid of challenges and creativity. Such a work atmosphere renders it virtually impossible for individuals to explore their untapped potential. Of late, people have recognized the value of their suppressed potential, and are looking for ways and means to tap into the same. This shift in mentality has given rise to the trend of enterprises with a limited workforce but infinite potential, which have acquired the name start-ups in modern business lingo.

There is nothing better than being your own boss, and this is exactly what a start-up business gives you. The freedom to identify business opportunities and pursue them according to your own preferences and methodology is what leads several professionals to quit high paying jobs and start businesses of their own. In spite of the myriad opportunities and doors it opens, start-ups do come with their own set of risks and dangers. There are several cases of people who have pinned all their hopes on a single venture, only to see it collapse like a pack of cards. Mentioned below are a few tips to strengthen your chances of success.

  • Think your business plan through: – There has to be clarity of thought in your planning which reflects on the services you provide. Ascertain why people will need your service, and what sets you apart from your competition.
  • Choose staff carefully: – Your start-up is your baby, and your livelihood depends on it. Choose to work with people who share the same level of commitment and dedication to your dream. Encourage constructive criticism and involvement in important decisions so that they feel motivated to ensure success of the venture.


  • Practice flexible planning: – In an ever changing business environment, versatility and flexibility are vital to survival. Don’t leave your venture with a rigid structure. Enable easy adaptation to new challenges and changes.
  • Budget smart: – Insufficient funds slow down development and growth, and too much money leads to lavish and unnecessary expenditure. Achieve a balance between frugality and extravagance for optimum benefit to the company.
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