Today people spend lot of money for their cell phones. Along with this there will also be few accessories which they desire to buy. Without these accessories many people feel uncomfortable to use their cell phones. Along with the cost of the cell phone investing on these accessories is an extra cost. To solve this problem one can go for DO IT YOURSELF hacks which will help them.

Simple Do it yourself hacks for phone:

Cell phone de- branding:

Some people just don’t want to show off the logo of their phone. This may be because they just don’t want to advertise that brand. Some others may have the desire that they just want to remove the actual logo and lookers should guess the brand. For this they can use tape on the logo. Otherwise if they want to remove it permanently they can also use sugar cubes. But while doing this, make sure it will not leave scratch on the phone.

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DO IT YOURSELF Car mounts:

For a DO IT YOURSELF car mount one can use windshield holder fix which is really cheap. One must dig a small whole for the phones camera. Going in highways and if the view is really worth then no need to miss without recording. Along with these DO IT YOURSELF hacks one can also learn and experiment with augmented reality as well.

Screen protector – DO IT YOURSELF hacks:

It is really difficult to handle the cracked screen. So one can thing of some DO IT YOURSELF hacks for this. Things needed for this are a credit card, dish soap, water, scissors, tape, permanent marker and a ruler. This can look as good as one you order from a online shop.

DO IT YOURSELF hacks for scratched phone:

Initially each and everyone will have an aim that they will never make a scratch on their phone. But later after using for many days, it will result in much wear and tear. If the phone has got metal finish then one can fix this using sandpaper.

DO IT YOURSELF hacks for anti- interference gear:

Even though a person owns monitors, phones, and speakers it’s all about how the cell phone receives signals. So, one can think of a interference shield which will help in avoiding the local electronics in office or home. It is possible to make a interference shield using any energy drinks cover like red bull.

DO IT YOURSELF hacks for stand:

Either it is a simple stand or a very convenient movie or reading on the go stand it can be done at home. One can also make a stand which helps in keeping the phone at right position when connected to the computer. There are many such docks and stands that can be made at home which will be suitable for iphone or any other phones. It is possible to make a stand even from a business card.