The classroom is expanding. It used to be that people would learn in either a library or in school. Teachers had the difficult job of being the sole source of all knowledge in a student’s life. It was a heavy burden but what other option did they have? Students would go to school, learn the subjects, then go home to study the same material. But today, that is all changing.

Your ability to learn doesn’t have to depend on the school you go to. You don’t even need to be in school to continue your education. With the revolution of technology and social media, information and learning have never been accessible as it is today.

dance mat typing guide - level 4

The New School

A disclaimer must be said. No matter how easy it is to get information, nothing beats the education you get from formal schooling. Teachers are experts in their field, and it’s always best to learn from one. The education we get from the internet should be viewed as supplementary if you’re still a student. It’s meant to help our learning, not be the sole source of it. With that said, it makes it easier for students today to understand a subject. If the teacher isn’t able to explain clearly that day, then all a student has to do is search the net for a better explanation. It’s that easy.

Learning Turned to Games

The classroom is notorious for being strict and boring at times. Hour after hour, teachers explain various topics in the same format. To switch things up they might give a quiz once in a while. Fun, right? Learning through online supplements can actually be fun. Take typing for example. You don’t see typing as something fun to learn, but with dance mat typing guide – level 4 they actually turn boring exercises into engaging challenges that improve your typing skill.

Nowadays, you won’t find it difficult to find an app or website that offers supplementary learning. In fact, there are even YouTube courses that can help you with anything from Calculus to learning a new language. The ability to learn has never been this accessible and it’s important for students and students at heart to take advantage of this opportunity. No one should be able to use “I don’t know” as an answer to any type of question ever again because of how accessible information is in today’s world.