As an overseas worker, you have probably sacrificed the time to be with your family for a very attractive salary. As the local employment becomes saturated and stale in your country, the salary grade will start to lower. It means that with many supplies of manpower in your field, most of the companies will compensate with a lower salary grade since there is a huge possibility that someone will take the offer regardless instead of being unemployed.

Therefore, most of the local employees in such field seek opportunity abroad, especially from first world countries. They offer more competitive salary and the opportunity to work on major projects. But it probably needs you to work overseas and away from your family.

Study Abroad

Same goes with scholarship grants provided by the first world countries. Since the local government’s scholarship is quite small and most likely flooded with people wanting to pursue undergraduate and post graduate degree. Instead, some of them will seek a greener pasture provided abroad. It is more attractive since you will be mostly compensated in terms of enrollment fee, book allowance and monthly stipends for food and rent.

It is also seen as an opportunity to study a different culture and meet new people of another race. But most of them are available only to grantor’s country, which means that your only option to avail the scholarship grant is to study abroad and live in that country for the duration of the whole scholarship.

The Broken Communication

With the situation being an overseas worker or with studying abroad, the first month will be passing by easy and you have probably enjoyed the new environment. Things won’t go all smooth because as the time goes by, the harder to contain your homesickness and amplified that by not able to communicate with your loved ones. The experience will become sadder since you are in a place full of strangers.

As a general knowledge, in every country, there are different telecommunication providers. Therefore, it means that your local SIM card will not work in other countries besides yours that makes it difficult to communicate to your family when you are overseas. There are options of overseas call but it is quite expensive means of communication with them for just a few minutes.

The Bridge

With the development of the technology and advancement of the internet, a means of free and cheap communication from country to country become more available. It refers to the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP which is a medium to contact like those with your local telecommunication providers through the internet. All you need is the email address or ID of your love ones and you can use their services to contact them.

There are also voip providers that provide free voice chat and video call as long you have access to the internet. With such applications, you can almost talk to your loved ones on a daily basis which helps you fight off being homesick and achieve your goal on why you went overseas in the first place. It is a very amazing application that bridge out to help those who are working and sacrificing their time to get a salary that will elevate their state of living in their home country and for the sake of providing to their family’s financial needs.