Purchasing insurance online is convenient, fast and also cost effective; there is whole range from life to health, motor and travel all available online for insurance online. One can buy any policy with just one click from any corner of the world at anytime.

Benefits of buying insurance online

  • Cost and distribution efficiency- The customers buy directly from the insurer so the commission is saved. Along with this the whole process is carried in the virtual world and is paperless, which reduces the costs and so the savings are shared with the customer in form of premiums.
  • Choices and comparison- The biggest benefit of online insurance is that lets one compare the features and prices of a policy over various companies. This way one can weigh the pros and cons and then buy the policy that suits the best.
  • Automatic servicing- The online platform is not just limited to sale; people especially the existing policyholders and also by other regardless of the fact whether they buy it or not. One can download brochures, policy wordings, renew old policies, play premiums online, trach insurance investments and also make claims online. One becomes a lot self sufficient while dealing with online insurance as there is no other person that one has to depend on.
  • Online help- There is a live chat facility by insurance websites for those who are not that new savvy and are hesitant in making financial transactions online. They also have a toll free number where people can call and take help. There are also reviews by people who have used the sites for insurance purpose in case people are not sure about the site.

So, online insurance is a great way of buying policies by just sitting in your comfort zone, without having to deal with an agent.