Going back to school may be challenging for students. After all, school is not only a place of learning but also a place of conflicts and difficulties. And these things must never handle alone. There can be social conflicts in school. Study conflicts are very common too and so as internal conflicts. In these cases, you would need someone to be with you. Someone who will have your back. Someone who will not only help you out but also will make school enjoyable. And that someone can be one friend or four different friends with a different personality. So here are 4 types of friends you must have in school.

The Parent

This type of friend is the one acts like your dad or mom. He/she is the mature one in your group of friends and the one who thinks about the welfare of the others. If you fell ill in school, he/she will be the first one to tell your teacher and help you to the school clinic. He/she will reprimand you if you are doing something wrong and give you advices to what is the good thing to do.

Back To School

The Outgoing

This friend is definitely one of your favorite. He/she is the type of friend who knows how to have fun. He/she can turn a boring day into an unforgettable day. He/she had the best sense of humor and will try to make you laugh in every situation. He/she is also the one who will drag you to fun places just to unwind from school stress.

The Know-It-All

He/she is the smartest in your group of friends. From a detailed summary of a historic event to the most complicated equation, he/she knows it all. There is no impossible question for this friend. He/She will help you out if you find a lesson in your class difficult. He/she is so willing to be your tutor just so you too can pass and graduate.

The Mean One

This is the type of friend that you thought that will never ever be your friend. He/She has a very intimidating personality. He/She is not afraid of saying his/her thoughts about you or any other person, even if it hurts. He/She is frank and easily irritated or angered. If you throw shade at him/her, you would need to run and hide or else face his/her wrath. He/she can be your worst enemy but also can be your great friend. He/she will never say you look good when you really look terrible. And if someone bullies you, he/she always have your back. Because to him/her, no one messes with him/her and his/her friend.

They are all very different from one another but they all have one in common. They will be there for you in every school step you take. They will help you in times of conflict and they will always keep you company. These different type of people are not only good school buddies but also friends that are worth keeping forever.