These days you can do many things online. The most common online activity is dating. The thrill of meeting new people every day is magnetic. Finding a partner is easy but it can be tricky if you do not know what you are looking for. You will spend many hours online to find the right person.

If you decided to meet for the first time, you have to be prepared because it can be uncomfortable. Meeting online date for the first time is overwhelming. Expect that the conversations will be awkward. Talking face to face is a different experience. Small talks will only work temporarily and eventually, you will end up in awkward silence. Dating shouldn’t be an awkward experience.

There are strategies that you can consider to avoid awkward conversations on your first date. Here are some:

Comment on a topic common to the both of you at the moment
If you find yourself in awkward silence, you have to at least comment on a topic common to the both of you at the moment. This means that you talk about the food, room, occasion and the weather.

Comment on general topics
Before you set off, make sure that you read the news. This can give you an idea of what to talk about. If you talk about general topics, certainly the girl can relate to it.

Ask questions that can be answered with multiple words
If you know that your date doesn’t have an office job, the best thing to ask is “what’s keeping you busy?” This is not answerable by yes or no. There are plenty of possibilities, which will give you plenty of topics to talk about.

Ask follow-up questions
If you need to ask a question that is answerable by yes or no, the next thing that you should do is ask for follow-up questions. Do not stop with yes or no. Delve deeper because it is your way of knowing the person.

Ask questions that can give you an idea of what the person is
Ask getting-to-know-you questions. Make sure that it is not very personal. You just need to keep the questions general like what magazines she subscribes to or what Internet sites she visits. Ask what flowers she likes or what books she reads. These questions will usually reveal her passion.

Offer the right reaction
Your reaction can make a difference at the end of the day. If she makes a joke and it is not funny, try to laugh. If she shares information, act surprised. Whenever she does something truthful, the least thing that you should do is to have a reaction. Reacting is better than no reaction at all. No reaction is unsatisfying.

If you tried these things and you still find yourself in awkward conversations, the best thing to do is t admit that it is not working out. Liberate yourself and your date if you feel that it is not working out well. If you are honest, the girl will appreciate it. You will be surprised being honest will break the ice.